Recipes for Healing, Comfort and Fun from your Health and Wellness Speaker in Ottawa

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Below are recipes for healing, comfort and fun from your health and wellness speaker in Ottawa. They were developed for a presentation on aromatherapy I gave recently at the Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa. My faithful diffuser complemented the talk with hydrsols of rose and orange blossom and essential oils of eucalyptus and turmeric to boost everybody’s immune system. Participants commented that it was grounding and relaxing yet inspiring. During the talk, I explained the importance of using quality carrier oils when using essential oils on the skin and to check at the moment of purchase if the essential oils are diluted or not. A couple of participants had little previous exposure to essential oils while one had 40 years of experience! They were all curious to try all the carrier oils available to them, and one or two among a dozen of essential oils and five floral waters that I had prepared for them. They went home with more more knowledge and a print-out of new recipes. I hope you like them too.

Be mindful of allergies to nuts, seeds and others types of oils and essential oils before making these recipes.


Menstrual cramps:
1 drop undiluted clary sage essential oil in ¼ tsp sesame oil. Pour in the belly button. Massage gently; it will spread on the belly. Massage in area of the ovaries.

Hot flashes:
Same as above. Plus 1 drop each of undiluted peppermint and bergamot essential oils in 1 tbsp almond oil. Massage along the spine, neck line and under the breast.


When you feel ungrounded (Vata, air element is out of balance))
Fill a small bottle (eg. 15 ml) with coconut, sesame or grapeseed oil according to your constitution. Add 5 drops of undiluted tumeric essential oil and 3 drops of eucalyptus radiata essential oil. Massage your feet.

When you feel heavy, sad or depressed (Kapha, earth element is out of balance)
Fill a small bottle (eg. 15 ml) with sesame or grapeseed oil according to your constitution. Add 5 drops each of undiluted ginger, pine and blood orange essential oil. Massage your heart area and the palms of your hands and feet.

When you feel irritated, annoyed or angry (Pitta, fire element is out of balance)
Fill a small bottle (eg. 15 ml) with coconut or grapeseed oil according to your constitution. Add 4 drops each of undiluted peppermint or melissa, chamomile and lavender essential oils. Massage your neck and stomach area.


Light fun:
Fill your diffuser with water or rose and orange blossom hydrosol and add a couple of drops each of three essential oils you are not familiar with. Light your diffuser. After 15 minutes, assess how your mood changed from before. Or simply add a drop of your favourite essential oil in your soap and make bubbles.
To feel sexy:
Before making this mixture, make sure you and those around you are not allergic to sesame oil. Avoid if you are going to a public area. Mix 4 drops each of spikenard and blood orange essential oils in 15 ml or roasted sesame oil. The kapha lady may even dare add a couple of drops of pepper essential oil. If allergic to sesame, replace by argan oil. Do not apply in the mouth, eyes and other mucous membranes.
Spiritual fun:
In 1 tsp oil of your choice, add 1 drop each of undiluted frankincense, myrrh and rose. Apply 1 drop on the top of the head and the rest on the face and hands. Meditate for at least three minutes. Did this mix make a difference in the quality of your meditation?

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