Dig into your Anxiety and Anger to Find Your Beauty With an Ayurvedic Facial

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In these times of changing frequencies, you may find yourself feeling like a radio receiver constantly switching channels. Anxiety and anger may result, accompanied by a sense of confusion about shifting loyalties or of being fragmented. If this leaves you feeling exhausted, let yourself feel these feelings without acting out and watch what happens. Digging under anxiety and anger to find beauty is very much like weeding your garden… a different kind of Ayurvedic Facial. With stunning results too.

A Personal Experience
For over a year back, hip and knee pain has afflicted me. I was examining them with anger recently because my condition doesn’t improve despite my extra healthy lifestyle and nutrition, daily oil self-massages, herbal supplements and regular treatments. The next day my roommates and I received an email from our beloved teacher giving us an appointent to weed the garden, a task that we had neglected over the past few weeks. That invitation triggered an intense wave of inner talk. Doesn’t she know I can’t do it! How much it will hurt! Maybe I should do it anyway… I felt torn, anxious and resentful.

After observing my reactions, I allowed myself to feel them all. I started to cry, the emotions having shifted to fear, specifically the fear of losing my mobility and ending up having to use a wheel chair for the rest of my life. For some reason — pride, fear of being judged or of being abandoned, who knows — I just felt I could not say no. I also knew that going through with it would bring excruciating pain and potentially bed rest for a few days or weeks. Unexpectedly, a wave of anger towards God also stirred the pot. Ok, feel that anger. Then more fear, then awareness, then peace. Then anger at the Creator, the part of myself that created that reality! More fear, then awareness, then a deep sense of relaxation and beauty.

I decided that instead of gardening, I would prepare the best possible lunch while the others were weeding. Simple enough solution, but the judgements I had held about my body parts blocked access to it for several days. Fortunately, I know that essential oils are very kind to human beings. Some help us solve dilemmas and adapt to daily challenges. Tulsi (holy basil) essential oil is one of them.

Since we have a tulsi plant in the kitchen, I infused 3 leaves in cold water for 24 hours, then drank it. This uplifted me slightly. Since I have great trust in essential oils, I also massaged 1 undiluted drop of it on the tip of my nose and on my heart with a clockwise circular motion with my healing finger (ring finger). The calming effect was gentle and almost immediate. I fell asleep, reassured, and the solution came the next morning. Flowing behind the reassurance came a renewed sense of self-confidence, trust and safety.

Over the past decades, researchers have studied the various parts of the tulsi plant and found it is effective on the immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastric system, urinary system and blood chemistry. It is now widely used for the treatment of anxiety, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, unbalanced blood sugar, acne, even cancer and diabetes. No wonder it is so highly valued.

Remove the Weeds from your Beauty Garden
It takes courage to confront our “negative” emotions but much less energy than to hold their bottled up pressure. And it brings so much relief and self-appreciation. So pull up your sleeves and contact me for an inner weeding session. You’ll reap more beauty than you ever thought you had.

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