Vata skin asks for less cracker snacks and more oil, lots more oil and water every day.

Vata Moisturizer for dry skin

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Available in Light or Enriched formulas. The ingredients are typically the same but the proportions are adapted to the season.

This moisturizer gives the dry Vata skin the deep emolliation it needs to keep the skin cells lubricated and vibrant, and protects it from the aggravating aspects of wind, cold and water evaporation.

Ingredients: Oils: avocado, almond, coconut, vitamin E (Enriched cream may contain castor oil); beeswax; aloe vera gel; lavender, rose and neroli hydrosols; warming, heavy and sweet essential oils.

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Testimonial: The moisturizer that you sent me leaves a pleasant satiny feel on the skin and I think it also help reduce asperities. XOX – Maeva Shelton, Tahiti

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