Hydrosols are used externally in skin care products, and can be taken as a tonic, combined in a beverage drink and internally as a douche.

Skin Toners

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Toners add moisture and give elasticity to the skin.
Men looking for a non-chemical after-shave will find these toners delightful.
Needed for everyone by the beginning of your 30s, even more by the time you hit your 40s and on.

Chose between:

The Kapha toner (bottle with the green dot) is helpful for:
– everyone with oily skin, most likely when you have a Kapha constitution
– most teenagers with oily skin and pimples
Ingredients: Neroli, ginger and sage hydrosols, pure source water

The Pitta toner (bottle with the red dot) benefits:
– everyone with sensitive skin and irritated skin conditions, most likely when you have a Pitta constitution
– most teenagers with pimples and acne
– women with hotflashes will love to spray it on the neck, spine and between the breasts to cool and calm down
– brings relief to sunburnt skin and eczema skin
Ingredients: Chamomile, chocolate mint and lavender hydrosols, pure source water

The Vata toner (bottle with the blue dot) benefits:
– everyone with dry skin conditions, most likely when you have a Vata constitution
– use sparingly in winter, preferably after using oil
Ingredients: Lavender, neroli and rose hydrosols, pure source water

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  1. Reply Samyukta says:

    I saw you at the Wakefield Christmas Craft Fair and I bought the spray for Hot Flashes (Pitta toner) and I am very happy to say it works great. It seems to make them a bit more manageable. — Sara Gagnon

    (traduction) Je vous ai rencontrée à la Foire Artisanale de Wakefield et acheté votre vaporisateur pour les chaleurs (tonifiant Pitta) et je suis bien contente de dire qu’il est fantastique. Ça les rend plus tolérables. — Sara Gagnon

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