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Pitta Moisturizer for sensitive skin

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Available in Light or Enriched formulas. The ingredients are typically the same but the proportions are adapted to the season.

This moisturizer is great for anyone with sensitive skin and irritable skin, especially in the T-zone. The cooling, balancing and sweet nature of the ingredients in its formula not only help nurture the skin but alleviate itchiness.

If your you have a dosha constitution or are a teenager with oily skin, this is the moisturizer for you.

Most ingredients are organic, including the essential oils.
Oils: Almond, coconut, apricot kernel, vitamin E; beeswax; aloe vera gel; chamomile, chocolate mint and yarrow hydrosols and essential oils.

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Testimonial: I really like the moisturizing cream I bought from you. The aroma is mmmmmm, each time I open the lid (and sometimes I put some on my face) I find its aroma is uplifting for moral. I put some on every day, so it won’t last long. You created a little gem. – Judy, Charlottetown, PEI

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