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Making Skin Care Products with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

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Any woman with a bit of experience in the kitchen can make skin care products and have good results. However, knowing about ayurveda will give you a global yet simple perspective of what your skin needs most and how it reacts to the nutrients you give it. You will learn the basics of ayurveda, make balms, unguents, macerations, toners and moisturizers to get a feel for the ingredients used and how to mix them for results that far exceed those of a generic recipe. That is why you will receive basic recipes AND learn to adapt them for any new situation you may face.


Class 1: Learn the principles of ayurveda and develop your sensitivity to plant energy
Class 2: About lip balms and unguents, and making one
Class 3: About carriers and specialty oils for different skin types
Class 4: About hydrosols and making a toner
Class 5: About essential oils, how to select them for your skin type and making a massage oil
Class 6: Making a moisturizer (this class will last 1.5 hour rather than 60 min.)


  1. Crafters
  2. Anyone with allergies who wants to control what goes into her products
  3. Informed consumers who already live a healthy lifestyle and consume organic products


Cost: $325, including ingredients and material (you can bring your own)
When: See calendar below, subscribe to the Face to Grace e-newsletter or sign up for class by email

TESTIMONIAL: Your course on making skin care products was full of information and very interesting. I no longer buy any product because I make all our creams and unguents myself. — Catherine Sauvé, Wakefield, Qc

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