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Kapha Moisturizer for oily skin

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Available in Light or Enriched formulas. The ingredients are typically the same but the proportions and essential oils are adapted to the season.

This moisturizer is great for anyone with oily skin. The light and astringent nature of the ingredients in its formula help balance sebum production.

If your you have a dosha constitution or are a teenager with oily skin, this is the moisturizer for you.

Most ingredients are organic, including the essential oils.
Oils: grapeseed, rice oats, may contain almond; beeswax; aloe vera gel; vitamin E; hydrosols and essential oils.

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Rosy told me a couple of days ago that she’s finished her face cream and that she started using a regular one, one of those Oil of Olay ones. She said that it was then that she could see the difference on her skin and that she does not like this one at all. So, we’re probably going to make a new order pretty soon! — Luz, Mexico

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