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Guided Visualizations

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The guided visualization or guided journey is a beautiful process. Some use it to relax or reach a goal. At Face to Grace, Isabela uses guided visualization when you are seeking wisdom from within. It can be for healing, making decisions or connecting with something that you intuitively know requires your attention.
The guidance is flexible enough that it gives you time to meet with your inner guides from the different levels of your psyche.
The process can involve art, drumming, chanting, automatic writing or using your sensitivity to energy.
Face to Grace will be happy to assist your quest.

Appointments can be booked by email.
The appointment can be held :
* in person at Face to Grace
* at your location for individuals or groups (email IsaBella for details and cost)
* online (email exchange required to discuss your needs and other details)

COST: $108

Thank you again for the powerful session the other day. As I left, I thought to myself that it was not at all what I expected… although I didn’t really know what to expect! It was gentle and fun yet unexpectedly profound. A lot of things clicked for me afterwards, and, on a purely physical level, people have already remarked about the glow in my complexion. You should put on your business cards : “Shamanic Esthetician”. –- Rachel Freeman, Wakefield, QC

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