To delay the onset of wrinkles avoid abrupt temperature changes; avoid hot or icy water on the eyes and don't focus on the same thing (eg. TV, book, computer) for extended periods of time.

Eye Contour Cream

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Cools and regenerates the tissues around the eyes. All the ingredients below can benefit the health of your eyes.
Also excellent around the mouth for aging skin.

Ingredients: Oils: Rice oats, coconut, rosehip, evening primrose (or vitamin E); corn flower and chamomile hydrosols; aloe vera gel; beeswax.

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Testimonial: I have been using your eye contour cream and I have to say it seems to be the best I have ever used in 30 years. I am so glad I stopped by your table at Rainbow Foods the other day. Thanks for making such a good product! – Josie, Ottawa

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