Realize Who You Are and See Your Never Ending Beauty

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I heard recently; “Your life force has desires for you. Dropping your own desires and obeying the movements of your life force ensures that you manifest all the talents you brought into the world AND that you learn what you were born to learn.” Easier said than done but inspiring! This is a great opportunity to start realizing who you really are and come to see your never-ending beauty.

Imagine that you are a ball complete with everything you need for this existence. Can you see that ball? This is your life force going in a certain direction with clear intent. Of course, you don’t necessarily know where the ball is going so you want to use your hand to throw that ball with the force of your will to change the direction simply because:
1. you are not aware that your life force has a very wise trajectory of its own, even if it’s not linear
2. you are not even aware that you have a life force AND that its job is to take care of the real you
3. you don’t trust that unknown or uncomfortable direction because your mind wants to control
4. you desire another direction that seems more appealing
5. or all of the above

You likely are thinking to yourself ‘if I don’t even know that my life force has desires for me, how do I know that the changes I want to make are appropriate or not?’ I had the the same question. When I started to think about it, I wondered if this explains why things so often are not going ‘the way they should’ despite our best intentions, plans and efforts. I realized that we innately know and want to go where we are meant to be starting from childhood, however we do tend to forget.

Your life force sends you inspiration to do things or not do things. So why is it that you don’t listen to it? Possibly because of pride, but also because those inspirations are subtle. They are difficult to hear with the noise of:
– your thoughts and beliefs about your individual and social roles
– your doubts, denials and excuses
– your propensity to interpret, to ruminate, to blame, to deny, to fight, to play small and to be ‘like’ others
– your laziness or lack of commitment
When you listen to your inspiration, everything flows as it should. When things flow, you don’t even notice that you and your life force are aligbed because you are 100% engaged and enjoying yourself and your uniqueness blooms.

When things are not flowing I invite you to play this game:
1. Watch your reactions to the situations you are in
2. Identify what is the nature of your resistence (see list above)?
3. Give a personal name to each resistence as a person/station, eg. Jane is station denial, Pete is station ruminations, Mary is station interpreting, etc.
4. Throw the ball to any one of them and ask what is going on. Then ask how yourself: Do I feel touched by this? Welcome the sensation.
5. Internally watch that ‘person’ throw the ball to ‘someone’ else
6. Ask each person on your list what is going on?
3. Just observe them, regardless of the discomfort your ego may feel. In fact, welcome the discomfort and the ego with compassion
4. Do nothing, but do keep breathing

That acknowledgement is incredibly reassuring for our earth and emotional bodies. The best part is that when you explore all the stations you win. Why? Because going through the cycle of all options brings you back into your natural flow. It shows you that you are none of your expectations. It teaches you something about yourself, something truly beautiful that only you can know. You learn that you are not the one who leads the life force but the life force itself. That is your contribution to life.

If you explore only one or two stations, you may get stuck. But fear not, human beings get bored easily and you will eventually visit the other stations and get free. That is the nature of…the life force.

If you would like to be guided and supported through this game, contact me to make an appointment.

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