The Personal Search For Your Inner Light

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To all of you who are searching for your inner light, know that it is already there. It may be glowing behind curtains of darkness, but fear not. Pulling on those curtains remove illusions that limit your beauty and your freedom.Yes, fear of the unknown is normal before pulling it, but you are none of your emotions. You are not even the courage that encourages you to go out of your comfort zone. You may feel like you’ll fall into black hole ready to gobble you up… and in a sense it does. It brings you in the silence space beyond your mind, where no time exists, where everything is available to you. And just before you emerge from it, a boon is granted to you to thank you for your visit, a hostess gift of sorts, to symbolize and remind you of an essential quality you retrieved. This step you took to go in was preceded by a decision to trust and put a foot forward, wasn’t it. Be aware of that. A great exercise to do for an extra gift during the holiday season!

When you abandon that exploration, that willingness to ask “Who is the real me?”, you fall back into habits that put you to sleep. Those habits kill your creativity, your innocence and your abitily to marvel at the universe around you. It is only in the unknown that true pleasures are found. Habits and routines in your physical, emotional and mental world prevent you from seeing what is really there. For example you may not see the toy in the staircase because there usually isn’t one there. Too late, you tripped on it. Habits dull your perceptions of what you once found pleasurable. Imagine eating the same chocolate cake day in, day out! Your mind may remember that you liked it, but does your tongue really taste it right now?

The tyranny of the rigid “Me, myself and I” is one of our most destructive habits. And so is our propensity to judge the self and others.

Aging is caused in large part by our refusal to confront habits and fears. There is no set recipe that tells you how to do it. However, life is like a magnet amourattracted to your essence. It keeps bringing you made-to-measure opportunities of finding that light. No recipes. But there are clues. They show up as resistance. When you notice one, look beyond it. Imagine a pair of eyes looking straight at you with infinite love, as a voice that tells you about trust and truth, as an unbreakable heart-to-heart bond, as the sun. These are the eyes of your higher-self or of your spiritual teacher reminding you of both courage, curiosity and effortlessness. In circumstances such as this, pushing, pulling and gritting your teeth are counter-productive.

The greatest act of courage consists in dropping beliefs that chain you to constructed images you have of the perfect self. These images negate the love life has for you and her generosity in meeting all our needs regardless of our preferences.

At the end of the day, going within means having the courage of meeting the full light of the Self seeing itself and loving itself as is, without condition. That is called enlightenment. Once you’ve tasted of that simple, peaceful bliss you’ll realize that is Home.

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