Skin Care Products in Ottawa : Impeccability First

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When you shop for natural skin care products in Ottawa, demand impeccability first. You want ingredients in your products to be organic or at least pure from chemicals to keep your body healthy. Women typically are very aware of their body and sensations. We are able to sense the quality of products either intuitively or with our more gross or subtle senses of sight, touch and smell. We must trust those senses instead of doubting them.

Scan with your hands
If you’re not sure of what I’m talking about, think of when you go to the grocery store and how you select your fruits and vegetables. You likely don’t chose them randomly. You look at them, palpate them, smell them. This scanning processes that we often do unconsciously is much like your computer scanner. It uses our natural electro-magnetic field to read the electro-magnetic field if the items we assess.

When I make Face to Grace products for you, the first step is shopping for the best ingredients. It’s quite fun to walk the aisle to “scan” organic oils of almond, sesame, coconut, grapeseed and the more specialized oils of macademia, pumpkin seed, argan, rosehip, etc. Each brand has a different feel and energetic signature. Sometimes it’s subtle but sometimes really not. You have to trust your senses for that. The more you use your scanning power, the better you get at it.

Everything counts
The differences are even more striking when you shop for essential oils. It’s a world in itself, like wines, coffees and teas, and just as exciting. Let’s take essential oil of eucalyptus for example. There are around 700 species, some more appropriate for lungs, for skin or to treat fungus infections. There are countless areas where the plants are grown and the essence is extracted. Quality of care during harvest and distillation, how old the plant matter is at the time of making the product, which type of container are used, how they are packaged and protected from the elements during shipping are factors that all affect the ingredient. Same thing with hydrosols. Have they been diluted or are they 100% pure? I often say that essential oils are like women. They are affected by everything inside and outside of them, but regardless they all can keep doing many things at the same time. Some are just more skilled, caring or experienced in certain areas.

Use all your senses
Another great pleasure when making natural skin care products is to go to the garden and pick fresh flower petals and herbs, dry them, grind them or macerate them to use quickly or prepare them for later use. Again, harvesting the best plants at the proper time is essential to ensure they hold their best nutritional and healing value. The next best option is to buy them at a store where you know that the turn-over of products is constant. Certain stores can keep their stocks over two years. At that point, the ingredients have lost their vitality. Ask before you buy and again, use your senses.

And then there are products like honey, maple syrup, ghee. They are full of vitamins and minerals that work wonderfully well in natural skin care products you prepare at the time of a facial, body or energy work as exfoliators and emollients.

Finally, the working space, utensils and containers used when making the products are made is capital. Sterile jars are a must. And hands need to be absolutely clean. Then you can enjoy the quality, safety, aroma and healing properties of

To order a skin care product or learn how to scan and make your own natural skin care products in Ottawa, visit the Store and Training pages of my website. See the variety of what’s offered and contact me to order or sign up.

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