Massage and Oils: Advice from your Skin Care Consultant Ottawa

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As your skin care consultant Ottawa, I love to provide advice on massage and oils. Your body, like your car, needs oil to operate smoothly. Of course, you need oil in your diet but regular self-massage and professional massage with quality oils generate great benefits:
– increase circulation, especially to nerve endings
– tone the muscles and the whole physiology
– calm the nerves
– lubricate the joints
– increase mental alertness
– improve elimination of impurities from the body
– clean, soothe and give elasticity to the skin
– increase levels of stamina through the day
– bring deeper sleep at night and
– prevent oxidization (rust) of tissues
– dilute essential oils perfectly.

Take Your Pick
Mother Nature has provided every area of the world with an abundance of oil rich plants. Why? Because they are absolutely necessary in our diet and on our body, especially for the maintenance and repair of the nervous system and the skin. Think of coconut oil and shae butter everywhere in the tropics, olive, sesame and almond oil in the Mediterranean area, avocado in Central America, rice oats oils in Asia, canola, sunflower and grape seed in more temperate areas. People from northern countries, living above the tree line, found their source of oil in sea mammals and still do to some extent today.

For the longest time, most North Americans relied almost exclusively on corn oil, which has become more and more adulterated and genetically modified. Sunflowers also originate from North America and their seeds are a good source of oil. Fortunately, good quality oils mentioned above are now available in health food stores.

All these oils can be used in salads and other dishes, as well as carrier oils in massage. The best are those that match your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). There are other excellent oils that can be purchased in small quantities such as rosehip, carrot, apricot kernel, hazelnut, castor oil (this is not from the animal but from a beautiful plant), jojoba, pumpkin seed, flaxseed and argan seed. Why small quantities? Because the plant matter has less oil to give, they don’t last as long, and the production and retail costs are higher. They are well worth the cost when you consider the benefits and can be purchased occasionally for a special treat.

1. Avocado and castor oil will do an amazing job with any extra dry skin patch. 
2. Rosehip loves to take care of wrinkles and prevents them when you start at an early age (eg., late 20s-early 30s). 
3. Jojoba is not only great for its nutrients but also as a natural preservative for your products.
4. Pumpkin seed is full of the essential zinc and vitamin K. 
5. Argan oil, a warming oil, is excellent for vaginal dryness and anything else you can think of.
6. Carrot oil has carotene, a natural emollient around the eyes.
7. Apricot kernel a blissful oil for peachy skin, best for Pitta. 
8. Hazelnut oil is light, contains vitamin E and maintains the integrity of the outer layer of the skin. 
9. Flaxseed is great for skin inflammations.

And there are medicated oils. Those are made with carrier oils that have the ability to extract the medicinal properties of plants. They are olive oil, sesame oil and sometimes coconut oils. My favourite ones are macerations of lavender, comfrey, yarrow, calendula, and vanilla. I also make ayurvedic medicated oils such as brahmi oil.

So for your next experiment or home party with the girls try a variety of oils on your skin to figure out which ones suit you best. Or make a moisturizer that you can share. Contact your Skin Care Consultant Ottawa if you need tips or to order The Book of Beauty: Making Skin Care Products with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Simply send me an email at

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