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Some exceptional people — saints, enlightened ones, spiritual guides, true gurus — have traveled the path from pain to beauty with such mastery that they have become totally receptive to the needs of others (humans, animals, vegetals, minerals, the Earth and all other beings). They learned that serving others removed them from their own dramas. They still feel pain but accept it for what it is, without resistance or emotional charge. They are totally free from any negative self-talk. Their little ego has disappeared.

These beings are so tight in their Earth bodies that they are sealed against fragmentation. Their Earth bodies are so clear and pure that they can only remain in the silence of their heart… until they hear a call to help someone. aaThis is how they share the freedom and universal love that they have realized. They Know that this freedom and love is what all human beings are made of. They Know that they are totally powerful yet they remain humble in front of the Knower. Their purpose now is to walk the world and help humanity to realize that too.

Interestingly, most of us do help others and get a sense of elevation from it. Our purest form of help is when we share what we have learned. Those who have overcome the addiction of alcohol, or depression, or have emerged stronger from a tragedy often are often available to share what they learned. But consciously or not your little ego often accompanies your help with conditions, a hidden agenda such as:
– I will help you only IF you show gratitude.
– I will help you IF you are part of “my people”.
– I will help you IF you help me in return.
– I will help you BUT only for “this amount of time”.
– I will help you IF you learn how to help yourself.
“Ifs” and “buts” show that you are putting a condition on your help. Conditions corrupt the quality of your help AND your ability to rise.

When you abandon all your stories, you also stop being sucked in the dramas of others. You help others because that is what you Know, you want and need to do it. You have no judgment about the form that your help takes. In fact, you no longer have judgments about who you ARE. You simply KNOW that you are infinitely beautiful, knowledgeable, attractive, lovable, graceful and charismatic. Your little “me” has disappeared. You simply are a magnetic powerhouse whose creativity and willingness to BE is in the service of all because you are ONE with ALL.

So how can you embellish your beauty? Check if the helping gesture you are about to make hides any condition. If it does, let go of the condition OR drop the help you were going to give until you feel you can do it unconditionally.

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