Healing self-mutilation, imagined sins and beauty with oud and your ayurvedic consultant in Ottawa

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Three days after publishing my last blog, the tiny box I ordered arrived in the mail: 10 tiny vials of rare oud essential oil. My God! so tiny but so potent and fragrant! Holding those 10 vials felt like holding a whole forest in one hand, a forest that connected at the heart level, where we both felt at home together. They felt so precious that I did not dare open any of them until today, two weeks later. Little did I know that this very costly, sumptuous oud essential oil can heal self-mutilation, imagined sins and beauty.

I first tried Oud Emerald. It comes from Jayapura, Indonesia, a city located across the north-eastern tip of Australia. It started revealing its secrets right away and answered my request for marma points for anxiety (see Useful Tip, below), and provided much more information than anticipated. I don’t know at this point if all oud essential oils can do the same, but Oud Emerald specializes in healing people who self-mutilate or who were mutilated in their sexual aspects by over-emphasizing sexuality as a form of slavery or by removing breasts in women and castrating men to create eunuchs. It can also heal people who, for one reason or another, believe that they must repress their sexuality.

What the essential oil revealed is that although the mutilation often was imposed from outside, the « victims » had an unconscious belief system that attracted this treatment as punishment for some deed or sin they harshly judged himself/herself. These experiences are often rooted in records from past-life experiences and repeated over and over. Why? Because they forgot that it is self-judgment that creates pain and not the deed itself. You have doubts about this? That’s ok. But fortunately or unfortunately, there’s only one way to confirm this and it is to try it out. Oud is very gentle but firm in bringing these memories to the surface to be acknowledged and released. It is also extremely compassionate in supporting self-forgiveness and self-worth.

At other times, the mutilation was created as a social criterion of beauty, with a hidden agenda to control people for power or money. Naive people, usually from a young age, fall for this. Others submit to it for social status or self-preservation. Think of the Japanese women in royal families whose feet were bound from childhood to have such small feet that they couldn’t walk… even less run away; of certain African women whose neck was gradually stretched one necklace at a time… suspected of having an affair? The necklaces would be cut bringing death because the neck could no longer hold the head. Think of corsets women wore for a few centuries. They hampered breathing, movement and child bearing; think of high heels, chemical skin whiteners, and so on. Natural beauty is unfairly judged and shunned. What power does it hold to be so harshly treated?

Oud can also help today’s young and older folks who self-mutilate with fire, blades and hard drugs including fentanyl. Underneath, there is always poor self-esteem, unworthiness and fear of being unlovable. It takes courage to display one’s naturalness — pain, guilt and all — but the rewards are invaluable: self-acceptance and self-love. For those seeking help to reconnect with their real beauty, the beauty that has always been there, oud essential oil is ready to help.

To enquire and book an aromatherapy session with oud essential oil, contact Isabela here.

Useful tip for anxiety:

Massaging the marma points (shown in the picture) with the ring fingers, with diluted oud essential oil will provide much needed respite from anxiety. Without oud, or with vetiver or lavender, will also help.
– 3 finger tips wide above the wrists
– marmas (energy vortexes, like acupuncture points) below the outer tips of mouth on both sides
– just under the collar bones
– a the lower tip of the sternum
– 1 inch above the belly button
– 1 inch below the belly button
– in the hollow of the hip bones of each buttock
– 2 inches above each knee
– below or above on the inner side of each ankle

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