Learn how to work with energy, aromatherapy and Ayurveda in a specialized natural beauty workshop from Face to Grace. Choose from topics that teach you how to release your radiance through natural, organic ingredients and methods that improve your beauty and overall wellbeing. Many of the workshops are scheduled at your convenience but for specific dates and method of natural beauty workshop delivery; please view the instructions following the description for your choice.

Applied Natural Beauty Fundamentals

In addition to natural beauty workshops, Face to Grace offers courses in Ayurveda, meditation, aromatherapy, how to create your own natural skin care products and others. These courses teach you about understanding how to balance the inner and outer self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From teachings that help you find solutions to your own skin and wellbeing issues through natural beauty certification, you will learn the fundamentals that allow you to apply your newfound knowledge. For detailed registration information including supply fees and dates forour next natural beauty workshop, please view the detailed instructions following the course description.