Everything we put in our mind and on our body impacts our level of consciousness.

Isbela provides training that ranges from the very practical “how to make” simple to complex skin care products to courses that support inner growth and beauty. Visit the pages Courses and Awaken with Grace.


I really appreciated the training on Skype with Isabela Blanchet. I liked the “one on one” because I could get answers to my questions quickly about my emotions, physical sensations and thoughts, etc. — L.S.

Dancing with hyssop essential oil gave me a sense of my feet, my skin, the instinctive side of myself. It was strengthening, warming, adding confidence and a more assertive expression to the movement, like a little spice in my blood. It felt like an empowering partner, encouraging me to lead, experiment, to offer with confidence. I felt a kind of maturity, perhaps like a woman in the world instead of an insecure girl. -– Kristen Deloughery (about the Aroma Muses for Dancers workshop)