How to Connect with Plants to Make Impeccable Natural Skin Care Products

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Spring is a great time of year to intimately listen to plants that emerge in gardens, fields and forests. If one of them seems fresher, more bright and more appealing to you than all others, take the time to pay attention. Yes, even if it’s a dandelion or a daisy. It most likely has something to tell you. Plants are so generous! Stretch your inner ear, innocently, without expectation or willfulness. That’s the best way to connect with plants to make impeccable Natural Skin Care Products.

Why Connect with Plants?
1. To create an intimate and unique communication with a plants in a multi-dimensional way.
2. To harmonise plants’ personalities with yours and, therefore, with the products you wish to make. They embroider their “signature” ewith yours.
3. To establish a relationship that is durable and sustainable. It imprints itself in your subconscious and resurfaces in your conscious awareness at appropriate moments. The more you work with them, the more you feel that they become you and you become them. It’s a beautiful synergy.
4. Because your plant brings you information and inspiration. Better, even if you know them only partially, they will guide you to a person, book, magazine or website that talks about them, individually… as if by coincidence.
5. It’s one of the most uplifting and joyful forms of active meditation there is.

Learn How to Connect with Plants
To really establish contact with your plant of choice, approach it with all your senses and friendly curiosity. If you try to know it only mentally, your products may feel good and smell good, but it will be bland and soulless. Of course, you need to use your common sense. There are plants that are better observed from a respectable distance such as poison ivy, others shouldn’t be tasted. Still, you need to listen to your inner voice who knows best. Here is a good example.

In a herbology class I took, blood root appeared on a list of toxic plants, although without illustration. The year after, as I was hiking in a the woods, I heard a very young little white flower calling me. She asked that I bring her to the spring to wash her root and take a bite. Yuck! So bitter! That’s when she lectured me. “You can’t judge on first contact! I bring you the gift of self-confidence.” It’s only the next day when I showed the flower to a friend that she told me it was blood root. And yet, I never got a toxic reaction.

Lessons Learned
– you can remove warts by rubbing the root on the wart
– a small quantity (or in tincture form) will stimulate low appetite
– it is beneficial for several pulmonary conditions in herbal tea form or tincture

Other Adventures
Over the years, I met several other plants that way : lavendar, cedar, fir, lily-of-the-valley, comfrey, peony, frankincense and wild carrott. Even better, they like to introduce you to their friends, their protectors and also tell you of plants that are harmful to them. Sometimes, they may ask you for your help. This past weekend, a group of small white flowers measuring about 5 cm high in a mown field called me. They didn’t tell me their name. Their petals have a shape I never saw before on a blue gray stem, almost bare of leaves. Its’ message is that the ants provide them “juice” through their roots. Please do not harm them. If you want to repel them, call on us and we’ll tell you what they don’t like.” Good timing, ants are currently invading the garden and even the house.

Interested in learning how to connect with plants? Sign up for the course available June 6, from 1:30 to 3 pm, at 36 Simcoe Street, Ottawa. Registration is simple: send me an email and an e-transfer for $45 at Other times available in English or French upon request.

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