Come Home with an Ayurvedic Facial in Ottawa

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Hurricanes, floods, forest fires and volcanic eruptions happen not only at the planetary level but also in our lives, inwardly and outwardly. They reflected a loss of balance of all the elements: fire, water, air and earth. And we have seen them all occur back to back this summer. Directly or indirectly, they likely contributed to making your personal, family and professional lives more turbulent than usual. When you lose your centre, booking an appointment for an ayurvedic facial in Ottawa or online is a great way to get back to it. Or as a client said: “I felt like you helped me come back Home.”

Overheated, Dry, Ungrounded Yet Fully Aware
When she arrived, she described how her summer had overwhelmed her. No small wonder. She moved to a new neighbourhood but the move didn’t go smoothly. Her child needed to change schools and after-school child care required adjustments because of that move. Her professional situation is currently in flux. In addition, the weather of the past couple of weeks had been extremely hot. She admitted to often feeling ungrounded, exhausted, insecure, irritated and annoyed at life in general and at herself for not being able to express her feelings in the moment. Her skin was red and dry. Familiar with ayurveda, she was conscious that her symptoms showed an excess of Pitta (fire), pushed by Vata (air) causing disbalance in Kapha (earth).

First evidence: She was dehydrated because of the weather and spinning emotions. Energetically, her central channel (a tube-like energetic structure along the spine that connects us with both sky and Earth) was out of alignment. She required liquids more than oils, at least to start with, so compresses of spearmint and fresh lemon balm from the garden were applied first on her neck and upper back. This cooled her down and provided moisture. Her rosacea and eyes then required compresses of monarda, another invaluable member of the mint family.

About Monarda (fistulosa):
Monarda’s properties are too many to enumerate here, but it is a general tonic and it acts somewhat like lavender in repairing skin damages. My client’s rosacea, neck and eyes responded very well to its cooling benefits. Since monarda is also purifying and cleaning for the ethereal body, and since it tones, activates and promotes self-expression, it proved to be a perfect match.

More than that, monarda is anti-infectious, antibacterial (wide-spectrum), antifungal and antiviral. These properties help cope with the presence of environmental irritants that can multiply at the change of seasons.

From Face to Feet
As so often happens during facials, parts of the face directed me to the feet because my client needed grounding. After cooling the feet with more mint/lemon balm compresses, she benefited from a gentle massage with a mix of brahmi coconut oil with vetiver essential oil. Coconut is cooling, brahmi is soothing to the nervous system and vetiver oil oil is the ally of choice for grounding, especially when applied behind the inner ankles, an important point on the kidney meridian.

A bit of delicate energy work completed the treatment. She was soon asleep. She woke up smiling, refreshed and glad to be back home in her body.

To make an appointment for an Ayurvedic Facial in Ottawa or online through Skype, contact Isabela here.

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