Clean Your Aura + Calm Kids with Aromatherapy: 2 Natural Beauty Workshops in One Day

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What is the aura? What does it need? How do you keep it clean? What does it take to help your kids stay calm despite the numerous stimulations to which they are exposed? Face to Grace owner Isabela Blanchet will address these questions from the perspective of aromatherapy during two natural beauty workshops at the Oakville Osteopathy Family Health and Wellness Clinic. Date to come in 2018.

1. Your Aura : Why, When and How to Clean It — 9 am to 1 pm
During the first part of the workshop, participants will learn that the aura is a complex organ with many layers, each with its role to play. These layers interact with each other and the outer world. During these organic processes, clutter, debris and toxins accumulate for various reasons. That’s why the aura needs to be cleaned… just like the physical body. With aromatherapy It is quite simple to do but you need to know when and how. This cleansing process does not interfere with other aura cleaning methods that may include meditation and energy work.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to making a kit that is effective, powerful, graceful and sacred. This product is anchored in ancient wisdom but adapted to our fast paced contemporary lifestyles. Each participant will bring it home to use it at their convenience after the workshop. This is a great opportunity to nurture and revitalize your aura. People will notice how much more radiant you are.

As you certainly understand, participants are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes of any kind, chemical or natural.
Who can participate: Anyone 18+ years old
$150 plus tax; 1st kit is included.

2. Calm Kids : Aromatherapy for Balance – 2:30 to 3:30 pm
At this time, children in families, classrooms and communities are increasingly sensitive, some even more than others. If your kids are persistently more anxious, restless, hyperactive, shy, ungrounded, defiant, have emotional ups and downs with or without outbursts, and have difficulty to focus than other kids around them, they are highly sensitive.

Come learn how to balance their over-taxed nervous systems with specific essential oils, carrier oils and floral waters. Find out how to use them appropriately and when to use them. We will also address safety and laundry tips and use hands-on practice to anchor that knowledge.
Who can benefit: parents, teachers, caregivers, professionals who work with children
$50 plus tax

3. Aromatherapy treatments
Two or three spots will also be available for 1-hour individual aromatherapy treatments Saturday evening and Sunday morning. $90, includes use of essential oils, carrier oils and/or floral waters (hydrosols).

Signing up
To sign up, contact Gael Gaudeau at or Indicate any allergy you may have and if you are pregnant.

The beauty of going with the flow
The idea of offering a workshop was born from my meeting Gaël Gaudeau, a Fench osteopath living in Oakville, Ontario, and at a retreat in the jungle area of Belize. Impressed by the information he received during the workshop Cleaning Your Aura that I gave there, he asked if I would be interested in holding the same at his clinic. Once home, he discussed the project with his wife. Not only was she interested in that workshop, but she also read the description of the Calm Kids: Aromatherapy for Balance workshop on my website. “Since Insabela will be here already, why not ask her to include that workshop as well,” she said. We all thought this is a great program and I hope you do too.

Who is Isabela Blanchet?
Isabela is an aromatherapy, ayurvedic practitioner and energy worker. She founded Face to Grace in 2000 and offers natural/organic skin care products, impeccable services and empowering courses that promote inner and outer beauty with long lasting results. She currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, and serves women and their families and friends, both locally and internationally, in person or via Skype. Invite Isabela to hold workshops with your beauty and wellness group.

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