Celebrating Our Relationships with Natural Beauty Workshops

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According to Ayurveda, our etheric body, the magnetic layer enveloping our physical body, holds all our relationships. ALL our relationships: our own inner and outer self, with others, with our natural and man-made environment, close or distant. These relationships can be harmonious or difficult at different times. Regardless, they all are there to support us, stretch us and make us grow. The stronger your etheric body, the more charismatic and beautiful you are. One way of celebrating our relationships is with natural beauty workshops. Countless are available.

This fall, the Glebe Centre Community Programs at Abbotsford in Ottawa and Face to Grace are joining forces to offer a workshop entitled “Wish Card Making for Relationships.” Our goal is to create very personal and meaningful wish cards to celebrate valued relationships on special occasions while reinforcing your etheric body. I think that two seeds were planted earlier this year for that workshop. The first was by my five-year old friend Ishtiak who sent me a quirky card and the second, by donors of arts and crafts materials to the Abbotsford Community Centre.

Charisma and Beauty Thanks to the Etheric Body
My young friend had given me a tall, narrow card decorated with purple hearts and brown dotted lines. The message inside said “Apple.” When I read the message, I started laughing. He laughed too and said: “I wondered if I should write Apple or Empathy, but I did not know how to spell Empathy, so I wrote Apple.” He was full of glee and I felt this card reinforced our already playful relationship.

In a different area of the city, Pat Goyeche, coordinator of community programs at Abbotsford, was wondering how to put to good use boxes of colourful materials given by donors. She put up an ad on a volunteer board to find someone to teach a card-making workshop. Having created wish cards as long as I can remember I applied for the position. I thought I would have to compete against a long list of applicants. At the interview, Pat told me I was the only one! That is when I understood the power of attraction and intelligence of the etheric body that creates connections and relationships between people with complementary needs, even when it looks like a long shot.

The circle will be completed once participants with similar needs sign up, all informed somehow by their etheric body that this workshop is available. It doesn’t matter whether they are aware or not that they have an etheric body. All they know is that they have people in their lives who are worth spending time to create a beautiful, gratifying moment in their relationship. You are welcome to join! No previous experience required, but a minimum of manual dexterity is needed.
And you don’t have to limit yourself to birthdays, weddings and Valentine’s Day. Let your heart and imagination lead you. The benefit? It will strengthen your etheric body and its beauty even further.

Workshop Description

Participants (55+ years old) will determine which relationship they want to celebrate and around which themes or occasions, create or select images, materials or illustrations, and reflect on the messages they want to convey.

Dates: Wednesdays 1:30 to 3:00 pm, Sept. 13 to Dec. 6 (12 weeks), except Nov. 22
Instructor: Isabela Blanchet
Cost: Members, $30; Non-members $55, includes materials but you can add your own

Interested in this workshop for your organization? Face to grace can offer it to children, teenagers, adults or seniors groups, in English or French. Just contact me here.

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