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A Test to Identify Your Ayurvedic Constitution/Dosha

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In Ayurveda, the first step before making any recommendation consists in identifying your dosha/constitution. You can also complete the test below on your own. Some of you may have noticed discrepencies between what you have found on various tests and what you have been told by a practitioner. One of the most common error people […]

About the Aura and the Aura Cleanse Protection Program

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As the vibration of the Earth changes, more and more people are sensitive to the transmutation of “energy”. The best proof is in the exploding numbers of people who see or perceive the aura, who have premonitions, perceive angels or entities of various realms, or who are attracted to reiki, shamanic work, bioenergetics, healing work, […]

Five Tips to Purify Your Perceptions

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Senses produce perceptions. Right perception of reality is the key to understand your life, your world and your inner freedom. – Berdhanya Swami Tierra Your five senses are the doorway to your reality. The way you perceive depends on how clean are the organs of perceptions. The five organs of perception are the nose for […]

The Personal Search For Your Inner Light

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To all of you who are searching for your inner light, know that it is already there. It may be glowing behind curtains of darkness, but fear not. Pulling on those curtains remove illusions that limit your beauty and your freedom.Yes, fear of the unknown is normal before pulling it, but you are none of […]

Recipe for your hands and all layers of your soul

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This recipe was inspired by a meditation on the Egyptian goddess Isis, a goddess of almost limitless attributes including beauty, fertility and prosperity. Appropriate as much for men as women. 1. Wake up early one morning of your choice. 2. Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of fresh watermelon or cantaloupe purée. 3. […]

Powerful Waters, Benevolent Crystals, Healing Elixirs

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Beauty sometimes brings you to silence. This is largely what this 16,335 km return trip to Foz de Iguaçu Brazil and Argentina did for me. It also brought a strong need to rest. Not completely but even over a week after my return, words come slowly to describe experiences gained through generous the contact of […]


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The most common reaction when something we don’t expect or like appears on our body is to experience fear and rejection, then mask them, hide them or try to eradicate them quickly. Depending on their size, lipomas are a prime example of this. These lumps or accumulations of fat tissue below the skin layers — […]


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The Vata element being the easiest to be aggravated and the most difficult to balance, knowing it and taking care of it well is crucial. The cold, rough and dry winds of early fall and winter, so welcome for those with a Pitta constitution and acceptable for Kapha individuals, creates dramatic discomforts for those with […]


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The summer of 2016 has been the hottest ever all over the planet, so it comes as no suprise that many of us experienced fever or inflammations of all kinds. Ayurveda recipes provide amazing solutions with herbal anti-inflammatories. They are extremely simple to use and just as economical. Yes, you guessed well: turmeric and mint. […]


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I learned a lot about pain and beauty recently, actually for a long time, but now I understand that the two are connected. Is that why you are here too, on that path between the two of them? This afternoon, I was in my private writing spot by the pond, listening both inside and outside. […]