Care for Your Breast Health with Massage and Natural Skin Care Products

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How much time do you spend choosing bras and clothes that highlight the beauty of your breasts? Comparatively, how much time do you actually take to care for their health and beauty? A monthly cyst detection program maybe? Good start. Of course, I’m not talking about tattooing, piercing, breast reduction or size enhancement. I’m talking […]

Realize Who You Are and See Your Never Ending Beauty

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I heard recently; “Your life force has desires for you. Dropping your own desires and obeying the movements of your life force ensures that you manifest all the talents you brought into the world AND that you learn what you were born to learn.” Easier said than done but inspiring! This is a great opportunity […]

10 Questions on How You Relate to Scents and Aromatherapy – Health and Wellness Speaker

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As a health/wellness speaker and skin care consultant, one of the great advantages is the possibility to discuss with many people what I’m passionate about: aromatherapy, ayurveda, meditation, skin care, and natural skin care products that promote wellness. Blogging offers another opportunity to do so and to obtain stimulating and inspiring feedback. So, I’ve decided […]

Embracing Natural Beauty Workshops Is So Becoming!

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“Aging is becoming” a slogan that has inspired my work and my life ever since it came out in the 1990s. To become, of course, implies change whether we want it or not. But the “becomingness” aspect of aging, the how well it suits you, depends on choices that you make, often without an ounce […]

Massage and Oils: Advice from your Skin Care Consultant Ottawa

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As your skin care consultant Ottawa, I love to provide advice on massage and oils. Your body, like your car, needs oil to operate smoothly. Of course, you need oil in your diet but regular self-massage and professional massage with quality oils generate great benefits: – increase circulation, especially to nerve endings – tone the […]

Recipes for Healing, Comfort and Fun from your Health and Wellness Speaker in Ottawa

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Below are recipes for healing, comfort and fun from your health and wellness speaker in Ottawa. They were developed for a presentation on aromatherapy I gave recently at the Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa. My faithful diffuser complemented the talk with hydrsols of rose and orange blossom and essential oils of eucalyptus and turmeric to […]

Healing self-mutilation, imagined sins and beauty with oud and your ayurvedic consultant in Ottawa

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Three days after publishing my last blog, the tiny box I ordered arrived in the mail: 10 tiny vials of rare oud essential oil. My God! so tiny but so potent and fragrant! Holding those 10 vials felt like holding a whole forest in one hand, a forest that connected at the heart level, where we […]

Oud Essential Oil – Your Ayurvedic Consultant’s Good Fortune & Dilemma

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Photo credit There are times when an inner voice is so subtle and yet so strong in its request that you cannot ignore it regardless of how far fetched it may seem. Familiar? I am confronted with such a request. The guidance is that I must create a new product to help people who suffer […]

Dig into your Anxiety and Anger to Find Your Beauty With an Ayurvedic Facial

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In these times of changing frequencies, you may find yourself feeling like a radio receiver constantly switching channels. Anxiety and anger may result, accompanied by a sense of confusion about shifting loyalties or of being fragmented. If this leaves you feeling exhausted, let yourself feel these feelings without acting out and watch what happens. Digging […]

Come Home with an Ayurvedic Facial in Ottawa

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Hurricanes, floods, forest fires and volcanic eruptions happen not only at the planetary level but also in our lives, inwardly and outwardly. They reflected a loss of balance of all the elements: fire, water, air and earth. And we have seen them all occur back to back this summer. Directly or indirectly, they likely contributed […]