Your Ayurvedic Practitioner in Ottawa Fascinated with Cellular Memory

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You may have experienced this yourself. For example, years after having recovered from a burn, surgery or a trauma of some kind, a memory comes up through a cheek, a shoulder, a vertebra or elsewhere, seemingly out of nowhere when you receive a facial, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy or other treatment. Your ayuvedic practitioner in Ottawa is fascinated with cellular memory. And you should too.

It even happens that the same memory will surge from different body parts at different times, as puzzle pieces of our life. And life is so generous. It provides so many chances to experience, review and heal layers until nothing is left but gratefulness for all that was learned. But what caused the memory to come up? Why now? Why with that practitioner? Why that body part? The mechanics of it are getting clearer. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a passionate chemist, describes this with today’s scientific tools what ayurvedic seers knew thousands of years ago: that each cell of the body, including skin cells, has incredible memory. For a great demonstration, watch his video on fractal evolution.

But you can trust the intelligence of your own body. One thing is sure: it has nothing to do with the rational mind. It knows when it’s ready to let go; it knows who it can trust and when. It also knows how to inform the rational mind, subtly or not, that it is time create an opportunity.

The process sure can be surprising. It could bring tears, a song, laughter or a re-living of the incident, but usually in a detached way, as if you were watching a video. Then a layer of the past is gone, never to return. This makes room to enjoy new experiences and to witness a bright and expansive landscape of who you really are. In a sense, it’s like cleaning the drives of your computer, making space for relief, rejuvenation, spaciousness and for… the unknown.

The irony of it all is that aging is necessary to figure out how to stay youthful and meet the un-dying force within. Isn’t that great! Something definitely worth looking forward to.

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