Ayurvedic Facial: A Unique Panorama of the Human Topography

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You can look at facials as a simple two-dimensional beauty-hygiene activity. However, when you look thoroughly at the full scope of an Ayurvedic Facial, you have the chance to perceive a unique panorama of the human topography. I say perceive because not only do you see it, but you touch it and feel it in all its dimensions. The face is very much like a landscape with mountains, ridges, pools or rivers, caves, plains, tides, vortexes that turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. That landscape comes with sensations of varying weather patterns, depth, height, flows and dams, and even sounds and scents. In certain circumstances you can even receive images, icons of the person’s mythology or psyche. It’s fascinating. It even emanates electric, magnetic and plasmic currents or textures.

The first ayurvedic map of the face that I found was very much like a normal road map. It divided the face in three zones, as if they were provinces and showed 12 marma points (mini chakras), dots like cities. Those are associated with physical organs and their related emotions, somewhat like parks and institutions. I worked with that map for years but it was just a starting point. Much more information flows from the person to the tips of my fingers and inner senses, as if the marma points, like cities, had highways and subway systems and other man-made structures. That information guides me to use this ingredient rather than that one, use pressure here, a stretch there, a rotating movement elsewhere or just hold my hand in a certain position for a while.

The advantage of ayurveda is its close relationship with the elements. And who says elements says weather and texture. For example, the Vata person is typically dry, light, moving and cold and in facial, ingredients would be selected accordingly. Of course, with the eyes, you can notice that there may be redness or puffiness around the eyes, which would indicate some form of Pitta or Kapha disbalance respectively. Instead of rushing into applying a product right away, a couple of fingers want to go the marma point and let themselves be attracted to little vortexes that exert a sucking attraction. Interestingly, I get the image of entering an elevator and going down for a ride down to the kidneys.

Your skin being the connectors between your inner and outer world, it does talk. On one occasion the kidneys started talking! My client had two coffees that morning and as a result, they feel cold. This was a request for a few drops of ginger essential oil in a bit of sesame oil and for a massage of the kindney area. The kidneys indicated a preference for direct application in the back. Hum, what would the client who expects a facial think of this change of direction? Only one way to know. Ask. Answer: Ok. We proceeded.

Halfway through the kidney massage, the body asks that one hand remains on the kidney and that the other connects with the marma point in the face. Energy needs to flow between the two through the nadi (a channel similar to a meridian) that connects them. The client at that point shared that the memory of an old fear surfaced. She realized this was something from childhood, so we engage in a conversation with her inner child. Within a minute, the child is laughing and the kidneys are happy. The client goes to the bathroom and the cold and fear are gone. She is now smiling and relaxed.

What about the face? Yes, we did return to the face to close with a general oil massage. Her eyes were bright, the puffiness under her eyes had gone down and she felt radiant.

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