About the Aura and the Aura Cleanse Protection Program

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As the vibration of the Earth changes, more and more people are sensitive to the transmutation of “energy”. The best proof is in the exploding numbers of people who see or perceive the aura, who have premonitions, perceive angels or entities of various realms, or who are attracted to reiki, shamanic work, bioenergetics, healing work, channeling, aromatherapy, and so on. You probably are one of them.

So what is that energy that people perceive but don’t necessarily see? The most common term used is “the aura.” As a kid, seeing light of different colours around the head of the priest during mass, I wondered why it was not gold and floating above his head like in pious pictures. Later on, as a teenager, I wondered why I saw this and what was the role of the aura. Since the late 1990s, I studied and learned to work with it. A couple of years ago, I worked with my teacher, Berdhanya, to create a wonderful product to clean and protect the aura.

Here is grosso modo the conversation we had about the aura and how to clean it.

Isabela: How would you describe the aura?

Berdhanya: The aura is not a permanent organ per se, it is just an emanation of the Earth bodies. It is formed by the union of the different frequencies that emanate from 
those bodies.
The physical body has the emanation of gravity. It is like a magnet that attracts the gravitational forces of the other bodies. 
The second layer of the Earth body is the etheric body. The etheric body is stuck to the physical body as in a nylon envelope, sealed or attracted by the gravitational force. Its emanation is magnetic, attracting other people’s frequencies and of the environnment.
The third layer of the Earth body is the emotional body. That layer has a gravitational force which is plasmic, like the water element or like gelatin. This body attracts and emanates the nine emotions with their different levels of intensity.
The emanation of the mental body is electrical and produces a frequency. As you know, there are three aspects to electricity: the positive charge, the negative charge and the neutral charge. In the same fashion, human beings have positive thoughts, negative and neutral ones. You are charged very specifically and that charge changes every moment. The mental body emanates and attracts mental vibrations, thoughts. Every body produces and receives an emanation from the environment.

Isabela: The aura is what can be seen, felt or heard and it has colour and shapes. It moves and collect things that “healers” can remove, right?

Berdhanya: Yes. These form through the mental process. If you have a concept, that concept gets more crystallized, more rigid, more hard as time goes on.
You have to remember that the contact between the healer and the client intensifies the vibration of the Earth bodies; this gives the client the opportunity to see the areas he or she rejected. The moment clients see their concepts, they are transformed. It is not the healer who eliminates something, it’s the perception of the client that does the healing.
Things that are not accepted or realities we created for their convenience create a certain weight in the aura. These weights affect the operation of the chakras, the vitality of the body and real perception.

Isabela: And that is in the aura, not necessarily in the chakra?

Berdhanya: In reality, it is in both. To purify the chakras, it is better to use the breath. Using subtle substances in the aura is also effective. Since time immermorial smoke, essential oils, herbs and sounds have been used to transform and clean the aura. Using the Aura Cleanse Program we created with essential oils and a prayer unclogs emanations and allows them to be more plastic, more fluid, smooth, and even. The prayer or invocation of the divine vibration has to be sincere because it will be the one that attracts harmony and peace to the aura. The prayer invokes protection, willingness to be guided and a reminder of your own divinity.
The use of different essential oils and herbs for each day of the week also ensure the harmonization of the planets.
The Aura Cleanser uses the nergetic frequencies of the elements, herbs, planets and the vibration of the voice.
We use this particular form of cleansing with water for two reasons:
* because it works wonderfully well on the etheric body, the matter of the aura most connected to water, and
* because the kingdom of the fluids is coming more forward at this time. It is not a surprise that we hear more and more announcements of meditations for the whales, the penguins, the dolphins because these races are struggling and need to be acknowledged. 
Water is the memory of the divine consciousness. Water serves to ground it a bit more in the Earth. The Aura Cleansing kit is a great complement for all the elements. It includes a short prayer/mantra to form a unit of cleansing and protection for the whole aura.
And the aura changes. For example, traveling requires one of the biggest adjustments not only because of jetlag but also because each country has a different magnetic field. Those fields vary a lot from the Pole to the Equator. Even if the change is just slightly different, your aura/Earth bodies still needs to adjust. The Aura Cleanse facilitates this harmonization.

Isabela: Are you saying that the Aura Cleanse is recommended when you travel because it facilitates integration?

Berdhanya: Yes, absolutely.

Isabela: What else would you recommend that product for?

Berdhanya: It’s a bit like a prescription. I recommend it:
* for children over 2 years old; it’s a way to pray for them and to protect them (not meant for infants; herbal pouches for protection are recommended instead). The baby being attached to the mother’s aura, it is the mother who needs to clean herself.
* when you are releasing something, eg., if you are a body worker and you are working with someone and some “foreign” energy is sticking to you, this Aura cleanse is the perfect cleanser. It is not a bath, you don’t sink in it; it’s more like a shower, a baptism that reminds you of who you are. You let it roll on you.
* for the weak, the sick or those being attacked by the thoughts of others.
By making it yourself, you put your energy in the water, you charge it with your love for the elements. Same thing when you do it for someone else. That is why people come and ask me to bless them. It’s like my aura somehow, or my blessings, gets in the elements and the elements get in the body.
* when you get feelings of heaviness. Those feelings may not even be yours but you get affected by them, so you just clean them out.
* great during your karma months (the month preceding your birthday) when your aura is most sensitive, when unresolved or unfinished business from the past year starts to come up to the surface.
* for difficult situations when your aura is shattered by an accident, a shock or things like that; or when your mind subdivides.
You can use the Face to Grace Aura Cleanse kit often. It’s like brushing your teeth. It is used for seven days, one bottle per day. Each contains a very different substance. Better used in the morning. Keep a small portion to clean the house, to spray in your environment as an air freshner or to wash floors.

Isabela: A portion of the dilution?

Berdhanya: Yes. Put it in soap or in air freshner. Because it has been charged with prayer, it is like holy water. Clean the house with it. Good to use it during the darker months or those that have less flow, e.g. October, November, spring, when you naturally feel like cleaning the house. For the seeker it is good to use once a month.

Isabela: Once a month could be an expensive proposition.

Berdhanya: Ideally, every seeker–anyone sensitive to energy–should be able to make their own. And this is a workshop for you, Isabela, to design and give the recipe. (Details about the workshop)

Isabela: You say this is for seekers, but what about others who don’t identify themselves as sensitive to energy but are attracted or curious about the product.

Berdhanya: If they’re attracted to it, they will benefit. It all depends on their sincerity and the faith they put in it during the process.

Contact Isabela at info@facetograce.com for dates of workshops in Ottawa; private sessions in person for individuals or groups; individuals on SKYPE; or for groups at your own location.

The Aura Cleanse Program kit is available for purchase separately from the workshop at Face to Grace. More details.

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    Dear Isabela, Thanks so much for the Aura Cleansing Kit! I had been traveling for several months and felt very heavy and unsettled, especially when trying to sleep. From the first day I started the Aura Cleansing 7 day program I felt much lighter!.. By the end of the week I felt my energy and peacefulness were back. I think it’s a “must” for travelers and for all of us who interact with people in offices and malls. Also, kudos for a fab presentation and quality of the Kit. Blessings to you!

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