No mission can be accomplished unless it is rooted in the present moment.

Face to Grace’s mission consists in providing skin care and wellness products, services and courses that promote lifelong inner and outer beauty. It was founded officially in 2000.

To accomplish that mission:

– The products, services and courses aim at serving your current needs and can be customized.

– The ingredients used in the products are organic or high food grade quality.

– The services are personalized. No one will ever receive the same treatment as someone else, nor the same person get the same treatment twice as people’s bodies and lives are in constant motion.

– The knowledge base and teachings are couched in age-old traditions such as ayurveda (a Sanskrit word that means the “science of life”), North American native knowledge and other traditions that favour a lifestyle in tune with nature. Some are very practical and anchored in the physical body, while others are more subtle and esoteric. Samyukta also shares her knowledge through her books, her blog and her Facebook page.

– Preparation and packaging processes are mindful and respectful of the environment.

– Buying locally is considered first.