One of life’s most precious gifts is to know how to face your daily life without judgement, gracefully, regardless of what you do.

Face to Grace was founded in Ottawa, Canada, in the year 2000, by Isabela Blanchet, on her teacher’s suggestion. Its mission is to offer natural/organic products, impeccable services and empowering courses that promote beauty with long lasting results. It serves women and their families and friends, both locally and internationally.

Its first product was an eczema cream created to alleviate her nephew’s painful condition. This was followed by a lip balm and an unguent for cuts and burns. IsaBella’s discovery of ayurveda at the Bioenergetics Institute lead her to develop a line of ayurvedic moisturizers. During the early years, Face to Grace offered energy treatments and facials, as well as workshops on topics related to beauty. Over time the product line expanded; the depth and scope of services grew; and training, ranging from short workshops to in-depth courses, and including a 1-year biovedic beauty certification program, were offered. With advancements in technology, Face to Grace courses, treatments and products are now available outside of Ottawa thanks to Paypal invoicing, blogging, email newsletter softwares, Facebook, and Skype.

Face to Grace is a well-known in local markets and fairs. As well, requests to teach and take part in conferences outside of the national capital region and abroad are welcome.