The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his power. -- Erich Fromm


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Countless people, after the initial shock of a trauma or great pain, seek to find meaning in it. For some, the search may start as early as the moment the pain occurred. For others, it may take a while before they recognize that there is something outside or beyond the pain. For others, the journey may take several years with many learnings and insights.

Those who enquire deeply in themselves never find out that the reason was: “I was punished because I did something bad.” or “God doesn’t love me.” They realize that they learned something essential from their experience and the process of healing. They even come to recognize that the difficult event or situation was needed to bring them to the beautiful person they are today.

In each of the following three videos a woman gives a short testimonial about the path she traveled from pain to beauty*.

BERDHANYA SWAMI TIERRA is a spiritual teacher of Columbian origin who made Canada her home. She raised her two sons in Ottawa and now travels the world with her husband to share her teachings. As a young teenager, she started on a journey in search of her real identity.

SATKIANA SHAW is a single mom who works with children and adults with developmental disabilities and leads the Ottawa Council of Child and Family. She was born with an inherited visual impairment.

MELODY YU, a work at home mom, lives in the country with her two children and her husband. She shares the story of the pain she felt dealing with her mind and ego during the breakdown of a long-term friendship.

Each person’s process and search is unique, therefore the videos below aren’t meant as methods to follow but rather provide a template that you can look at and see where you are yourself in the journey.
The first key is to assess where you are, NOT judge where you are, how long you’ve been there or how emotional — or not — you are. The journey cannot be willed or forced but allowed from a place of awareness. From there, simply open the door within, where your essence and mystery dwell, where everything is possible.

Don’t push pain away; welcome it.
One last word of advice before: “Don’t give up with adversity. This is what promotes your maturity. (…) You need to bear the contradictory forces of evolution.” – Berdhanya Swami Tierra, Mystic Heart, p. 177

* If you understand French, look at the top right side of this page and click on the “Français” button for three more testimonials: a woman quest for health while living with a life-long condition; a woman’s search for her peace and purity after being repeatedly raped as a 5-year old, and a woman needed to chose between pain and confidence for breach delivery at home.

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