Powerful Waters, Benevolent Crystals, Healing Elixirs

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Beauty sometimes brings you to silence. This is largely what this 16,335 km return trip to Foz de Iguaçu Brazil and Argentina did for me. It also brought a strong need to rest. Not completely but even over a week after my return, words come slowly to describe experiences gained through generous the contact of waterfalls, crystals and healing energy.

amapOur program wasn’t demanding by any means, quite the contrary. The best is that I felt engulfed in beauty, bathed and lit by it.

But on to more tangible things. The bus took us to the entrance of the 1-km path where hundreds of tourists meander along the the largest waterfalls system in the world. An hour later, we arrive in front of the throat of the falls, where the arms of Iguçu river plunge in the abyss – roaring, spraying and mighty. Then we stand on a on passerelle just above it’s first step down. Despite our plastic rain gear, everyone gets drenched by the cold mist. Unexpected screams of glee and awe erupt from our throats.

A few days later, we explore the falls from the Argentinian side. Felt both the current beauty of the national park and the energy of the brutal history of the area that still permeates the grounds.

The Wanda Mine
We visited the Minas Wanda named after a Polish princess by immigrants of her country who discovered it. The mine is famous for the extraordinary amount and size of its geodes. The tour included a visit of the tunnels close to the surface. After a ceremony to thank the land, we visited the workshop and the boutique. How not to fall for the gems found there!

Other wonders
afozBut there was an even more impressive store close to our hotel. Imagine a Walmart-size surface with geodes taller than people and some almost as wide as small bath tubs, then row after row of gems sculpted as parrots, toucans, eagles, fruits and more. We could could put our heads in the bigger ones and hear their vibration the same way you would hear the ocean in a conch. The adjacent jewelry presented display after display of gems, their colours from all rays of the rainbow. And if you paid careful attention, you noticed that, together, they played a subtly orchestrated healing chant. I fell in love with a pink tourmaline and a rhodochrosite.

Most of you know that crystals and gems are living beings, which means that they also age and die. While living they can share their healing properties while you wear them. But did you know that you can make healing elixirs with them? Yes, you can use them topically or internally as you would homeopathic medication. And beyond their individual talents, they share through their slow vibration their particular notion of time. For us, a glimpse into eternity.

Gemstone elixirs for well-being
1. First identify the stone or the healing property your need. Here are just a few with some of their qualities. When making elixir, make sure the crystal is fully alive.
Agathe: Stimulates compassion; stabilizes the aura; many more qualities depending on its colour
Amethyst: Promotes peace; balances body, mind and emotions; generates a clear connection between the Earth planes and other worlds. The deeper the colour, better is the quality.
Citrine: Increases vitality and self-confidence; balances yin and yang; regenerates and detoxes organs related to the third chakra
atourmalinesDiamond: Decreases Vata and Pitta; creates a close bond in relationships; stimulates the body’s reproductive tissue; promotes art, music, romance and sex
Quartz: Balances excessive Vata dosha; facilitates communication; additional properties depend on the nature and colour of the quarts
Rhodochrosite (pink): Shares love and balance; softly connects hearth to second chakras; helps to serve Mother Earth in her times of need; provides structure; taken internally, the elixir heals skin disorders, infections and inflammations
Topaz (blue): Decreases Vata and Kapha; promotes success; stimulates the throat chakra; aligns body, mind and spirit with the perfect forces of the universe.
Tourmaline (pink): Promotes awareness, understanding and love; stimulates the connection between the crown and heart chakra; multiple other properties depending on colour. Rubelites belong to the tourmaline family.

How to prepare an elixir:
1. Select the best quality crystal possible. Clean with a toothbrush if needed.
3. Select a sunny day if you want to charge your gem with male energy or a full moon for feminine energy.
4. Use a small glass bowl to put your stone and enough water to cover it. Cover the bowl with a clear glass plate or cheesecloth to prevent dirt from falling in.
5. Let the solution sit in the sun or moon for at least 6 hours or until you see little bubbles in the water.
6. Sit in front of the elixir and present your prayer, intention and invocation as you keep your attention on the elixir.
7. Bring back the bowl inside and separate the waters from the stones. Do not touch the water with your hands. Rinse your crystal and put it back in a cloth case or a box.
8. Dilute the “charged” or “energized” water with brandy in a ratio of 1 to 4, eg. 10 ml charged water to 40 ml brandy.
9. Pour the elixir in a dropper bottle and shake it for 1 to 3 minutes. This process is called “succussion” and it serves to “potentiate” the fluid as it is done with homeopathic remedies. Repeat every time you take the elixir.

How to use the elixir:
Use the elixir in the same way as homeopathic remedies. Take one drop of the potentiated water every hour in case of extreme heart disruptions.
Take 1 drop 3x/day for 10 days while entering or during your karma month (the month before your birthday and birthday month.)

Take 1 drop/day in case of heart transition, seeking integrity. Take 1 drop daily if you want to do a 40-day sadhana (committed prayer, a personal process in which you bring out your best).

May your work with stones help you travel through and remind you of the multi-faceted aspects of your beauty.

To obtain a bottle of any of the elexirs mentioned above, contact Isabela.

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