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I learned a lot about pain and beauty recently, actually for a long time, but now I understand that the two are connected. Is that why you are here too, on that path between the two of them?

This afternoon, I was in my private writing spot by the pond, listening both inside and outside. Voices that know both you and me started talking. They are familiar voices, but this time, they dared me to go beyond my fears and doubts. They asked me to write what they said. Not only to write but to share that right here on this page. They even said that the tutorial I wrote,  From Pain to Beauty: 7 Steps to Support Your Emotional Journey, is not mine but yours. Yes, they hear my fears but apparently also your craving for truth.

They say that:

aa– you forgot how to listen to your essence. You forgot that true beauty is your own because, eons ago, you were led to believe that you are not perfect as you are and as you create yourself. Unfortunately, you believed it and so did pretty much everybody else. They say “you” but really they mean your ancestors who still live in your cells and were contaminated, and few questioned that. But you can start now.

– there is a lot of noise, outside noise, mental noise inside of you, confusion, fear, doubts. These are the filters that prevent you from listening to the unique messages of your Essence. Intuitively, you know that you Know, but most of the time you prefer doubt. Why? Because you fear truth, because awareness of your truth demands change, and change requires courage. Courage is part of you of course, ready to take charge but your ego creates a lot of “buts”.

– on the other side of the “buts” is where your dreams find their manifestation and your needs their satisfaction. And you doubt that you can get there. Crossing over is what the tutorial From Pain to Beauty is all about. We inspired Isabela to develop this tutorial. Actually we reflected her most cherished dream back to her, her dream of overcoming her own fears of meeting you on the path of beauty. Of course, like you, she’s afraid of being judged. We challenged her — like we will challenge you – and she accepted.

We know that you have a love-hate relationship with challenge and change. We know because we challenge you constantly. When you resist, we persist because we so enjoy seeing watching you when the light of awareness to your own beauty surges. We love to see when you recognize your own power and creativity. But sometimes pain is needed to force you to open your eyes. And now you have your attention.

We have attracted you here because we know you are searching for something essential about yourself: your true identity, your connection to the immense network of love that infuses the universe. So look around right here in these pages.

Yes Isabela, tell them to look around your website and see it as a mirror.

Strong attraction AND strong aversion to what they’ll find are both excellent indicators of what they are searching for. Take the cue. We are ready to walk with you.

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