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Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life (good, bad, ugly and painful) AND making conscious choices about the thoughts that you think is an exercise that:
– defuses suffering
– debunks your erroneous beliefs
– empowers you and
– strengthen your sense of mastery.

abordSounds crazy? Maybe, but it does work. It requires awareness, commitment, stamina and courage. And unless you are enlightenend, it is the work of a lifetime. In addition, you’ll need flair as your ego will use your creativity to create stories that are more and more subtle to make you react. But remember, you are at the helm of your own boat. As you practice, you will gain more and more self-confidence, calm, beauty, radiance and freedom.

Yes, it is the work of a lifetime but as any specialist would tell you, after checking that all your equipment if functional, start with the first step and continue one step at a time.

The audio meditation below provides an excellent opportunity to identify conscious choices you can make during a short time. No story survives being identified. Once it is, it disappears to never come back. So settle in for meditation. Do not hesitate to do it regularly.

And one day, there will be no story left in your mind that could bring you back to suffereing. You will have conquered your freedom.

To assist those who wish to go even deeper in this process, Face to Grace offers a 7-week course called Balance Your Emotions with Aromatherapy and Meditation, complete with its Émotions – Chakra Creams kit . The kit is available separately with a meditation. Inquire at info@facetograce.com

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