Reclaiming your moments of suffering eliminates them and brings back peacefulness, serenity, joy, vitality and clarity.


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Erase emotional pain from your cells


To heal yourself, and by this I mean “to remove the traces of suffering from your cells”, you need to know what to look for. The first step consists in becoming aware of how your habits fragment your physical, etheric, emotional and mind bodies. That fragmentation prevents the unification of these four bodies, called the “Earth” bodies, into one coherent body.


Fragmentation is the name given to the process when a part of you breaks, is rejected and leaves your Earth body for a reason or another. Le wholes left by fragmentation causes leaks of your vital energy, the very energy needed to fully embody your ultimate AND inherent beauty. It happens whey you do not align yourself with what is in front of you, when you don’t stay present (conscious) with your four bodies as you live your daily life. These leaks affect not only the human psyche but are also the main cause of molecular degeneration and premature aging. It is a self-imposed genetic modification of your cells, a degeneration of your ability to manifest your full potential in this life.

When your four conscious Earth bodies are not cooperating with each other, you lose energy, your center and the natural sense of direction. It constantly happens in daily life, right from childhood when you, as a toddler, adopted a response to cope with pain. And it keeps going through your life through because of negative self-talk, projections, fantasies, gossips and regrets.

aaExample 1:
Let’s say that when you were two years old child, your mother had to go to the hospital to have a baby. During that time, your grandmother came over to babysit you. You may have interpreted this as abandonment, as a betrayal, as something unfair or as the result of something “bad” that you did. From there, your response may have been to become aloof, angry, needy or acting to please her. Of course, you did not have the mental development at that age to assess the situation for what it was. This event was quickly forgotten but it is still there in the subconscious mind.

Example 2:
You wake up planning your day with the intention to do laundry, go shopping and have a nice meal with a friend. As the day goes on, you may end up mending some clothes, going for a swim at the pool and daydreaming about researching option for your next holidays. But as you perform these activities your mind holds on to its initial list of what “should” be done. This “unfinished business” gathers as energetic weight in your subconscious. Meanwhile your emotional body gets anxious or restless because of the contradictory instructions. In addition, your etheric body (the template of your health and strength) gets tired because it has no opportunity to perform its role.

Example 3:
Let’s say that there was a tragedy in your family. Your physical, etheric body, mind and emotional bodies of course went into shock. Your automatic reaction may have been to dissociate your emotions from the body and mind to “be the helper, the strong one of the family” and take charge of what needed to be done. Others may have reacted differently. Your brother’s bodily functions may have shut down or gone overdrive, while your sister may temporarily have become overwhelmed and unable to think or organize her life for a while. Some even adopt self-destructive patterns or self-neglect. Of course, you’ll never forget the event but your response will likely end up forgotten in your subconscious.

The bad news is that forgotten memories have a life of their own in the subconscious and they form currents. Those currents cumulate, guide your actions, mold your perceptions and direct your life without you being aware of it. This is the past keeping a hold on you instead of letting your subconscious wisdom help you navigate the natural flow of your life as it happens. The good news is that these currents seek recognition, healing and completion.

Consequences of fragmentation

The worst aspect of fragmentation is that while a portion of you is gone, you are left with a vacant space. Most people around you also eject their fragments and projections in the same way. What happens is that all those fragments float around looking for completion and seek refuge in vacant spaces. Some inevitably find their way into you and become squatters in you vacant spaces. You may think that the thoughts and feelings that emanate from them come from you but they don’t. Those need to be cleaned out as well.

Trust that life will bring you the tools and challenges that you need to heal and to complete your life’s lessons. That being said, techniques have been developed that help to reconstruct or bring back your fragmented pieces more quickly and peacefully than on your own. Using more than one is advised. All are based on self-care, acceptance and compassion:
1. Observing your stories as such and not getting sucked in them. This is called mindfulness .
2. Meditation1
3. Massage and body work, especially panchakarma treatments and marma massage
4. Having the same practitioner, teacher or coach over a long stretch of time (this is the quickest method) to guide you.
5. Taking full responsibility for your emotions and feeling them as they arise
6. Shamanic work
7. Conscious play-acting
8. Dream work and journaling
9. Gestalt exercises
10. Angel work
11. Art for self-expression

All of these techniques and people provide opportunities for the old memories:
– to be flushed out by your natural elimination channels (eg., exhalation, sweat, tears, voice, urination, defecation, moon cycle, dreams)
– or rise up to consciousness to be met safely and neutrally and released at the pace of your natural intelligence
– and to re-insert the reclaimed parts of yourself in all their freshness, glory, beauty, power, grace, brightness, lightness, joy, sensitivity and gratefulness.

By adjusting your thinking, and how you think about your thinking, you can change your emotional responses, the extent to which you suffer, your level of tension and stress, and in turn, your experience of pain. Note that avoidance or denial can be effective coping mechanisms initially but this simply delays the actual acknowledgement and feling of the pain until you are ready and willing. It doesn’t eliminate it. Feelings need to be felt. They are both a gift and the price to remain healthy and complete human beings.

Paradoxically, accepting to feel your pain eliminates it and brings back your peace of mind, serenity, joy, vitality and clarity within.

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