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Your Ayurvedic Practitioner in Ottawa Fascinated with Cellular Memory

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Photo credit: Mary bond YOUR SKIN CELLS HAVE A GREAT MEMORY! You may have experienced this yourself. For example, years after having recovered from a burn, surgery or a trauma of some kind, a memory comes up through a cheek, a shoulder, a vertebra or elsewhere, seemingly out of nowhere when you receive a facial, […]

How to Connect with Plants to Make Impeccable Natural Skin Care Products

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Spring is a great time of year to intimately listen to plants that emerge in gardens, fields and forests. If one of them seems fresher, more bright and more appealing to you than all others, take the time to pay attention. Yes, even if it’s a dandelion or a daisy. It most likely has something […]

Mirror, Mirror : The Role of Your Health and Wellness Speaker

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Photo credit: Silviarita My friend Satkiana recently went to buy essential oil for her son’s cough and congestion. Her adventure below shows how the wisdom within us recognizes when life puts what we need right in our hands. As your health and wellness speaker, my role is simply to remind you of that! Errors That […]

Connect and Emerge with a Natural Beauty Workshop in Ottawa

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The uncomfortably cold, wet and windy sides of spring are triggering uncomfortable feelings: a grumpy impatience some days and lethargy on others. Part of me wants to create a pretty wreath for the font door while others want me to linger in bed, or to lose my focus. So I started spring cleaning. Nothing bad […]

Massage Warriors Meet Your Ayurvedic Practitioner Ottawa

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Hurray, Spring is here! The same way cities rally their teams to wash streets, sidewalks and street lights, etc., you are about to start your own cleanse to remove toxins accumulated during winter. Massage warriors, meet your Ayurvedic practitioner Ottawa for assistance. Yes but… Feeling some resistance? There are two kinds: the normal resistance in […]

Care for Your Breast Health with Massage and Natural Skin Care Products

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How much time do you spend choosing bras and clothes that highlight the beauty of your breasts? Comparatively, how much time do you actually take to care for their health and beauty? A monthly cyst detection program maybe? Good start. Of course, I’m not talking about tattooing, piercing, breast reduction or size enhancement. I’m talking […]

Realize Who You Are and See Your Never Ending Beauty

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I heard recently; “Your life force has desires for you. Dropping your own desires and obeying the movements of your life force ensures that you manifest all the talents you brought into the world AND that you learn what you were born to learn.” Easier said than done but inspiring! This is a great opportunity […]

10 Questions on How You Relate to Scents and Aromatherapy – Health and Wellness Speaker

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As a health/wellness speaker and skin care consultant, one of the great advantages is the possibility to discuss with many people what I’m passionate about: aromatherapy, ayurveda, meditation, skin care, and natural skin care products that promote wellness. Blogging offers another opportunity to do so and to obtain stimulating and inspiring feedback. So, I’ve decided […]

Embracing Natural Beauty Workshops Is So Becoming!

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“Aging is becoming” a slogan that has inspired my work and my life ever since it came out in the 1990s. To become, of course, implies change whether we want it or not. But the “becomingness” aspect of aging, the how well it suits you, depends on choices that you make, often without an ounce […]