10 Questions on How You Relate to Scents and Aromatherapy – Health and Wellness Speaker

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As a health/wellness speaker and skin care consultant, one of the great advantages is the possibility to discuss with many people what I’m passionate about: aromatherapy, ayurveda, meditation, skin care, and natural skin care products that promote wellness. Blogging offers another opportunity to do so and to obtain stimulating and inspiring feedback. So, I’ve decided to ask you 10 questions on how you relate to scents and aromatherapy. My hope is to open a dialogue from your experiences and insights about scents/essential oils, and how they appeal to your imagination.

  1. What scents make you feel most comfortable? Uncomfortable?
  2. What was your first experience with an essential oil or aromatherapy? The most memorable?
  3. Have you ever heard of an unfamiliar thing or place and wondered what it smells like? What was it?
  4. When you read a recipe, in which order (1 being the most, 5 the least) do you imagine it will
    ____ smell, ____ look, ____ feel, ____ taste like, or ____ affect you?
  5. What essential oils do you own right now and which ones would you like to try eventually?
  6. For what purpose do or would you most likely use essential oils?
  7. If/when you procrastinate, would a scent be likely to get you moving (excluding fire or chemical hazard)? Which one?
  8. Are you aware of specific scent/emotion associations in you life? Please describe one association.
  9. Have you ever sought inspiration from a scent when you wanted to create something, eg, painting, writing, music, dance, recipe? Please describe one circumstance.
  10. Have you ever used a recipe (from Face to Grace or other) because of what you thought it would smell like? How would you describe that exerience?
Email me your answers to one, several or all questions here. I will respond quickly. And be assured that none of your comments or experiences will be shared unless I receive specific authorization from you.

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